Well, hello there!       Bun venit!

I'm DominoBreaker, but you could call me Domino for short. I'm just someone who likes to code and that's all, really. :^)

All and all, I just created this webpage to have fun and nothing more. Not that I don't know how to code, but I miss going to Neocities and making my own zany webpage again. Those were the days man, those were the days.

While looking across some articles on free hosting because at that time I didn't have money (and I still don't!), I wanted to make my own site and I didn't know how to code, just the little-est of HTML. Neocities popped up, I made an account and the tutorials for HTML were (and still are! Unless they'll be changed in the future) amazing! The comics were cute and it got me captivated.

A little more about me

I don't really know what to say, I'm just the ordinary person over here, doing whatever they want :P

I am currently studying Russian, and I really love the language. It flows just beautifully and I even learnt a few songs in Russian in fact! (Katyusha is my favorite.)

I first started programming in 2017 when I wanted to make my own old ROBLOX private server.